A little piece of Heaven…



Welcome to Misibis Bay Resort!


Situated in the Philippines, this is a wonderful tropical hotel on a beach in Cagraray island.

This hotel is composed of few wonderful villas with 2 swimming pools and 1 infinity pool which is amazing!

Every villas offers an impressive view on the Pacific ocean. Some of them also have a private terrace, pool and jacuzzi!



You can enjoy the traditional Spa Essenses and then relax yourself swimming into the waterfalls.


If you prefer to have fun at night, you could spend time enjoying the pleasures of the Casino Filipino.

If you want to experience more the Misibis Bay Resort, go to their website:


And then, go to the Philippines and relax yourself in great conditions! 😉Image


Goyard, Amazing pieces of art!

Goyard, Amazing pieces of art!

Since 1792, successively the Martin family and the Goyard family ran the Maison Goyard, specialized in travel cases and bags, exclusively handmade in their craftsmanship in France. Reserved for the elite, the Maison Goyard decided to open only few stores, … Continue reading

Chanel Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2013/2014: Amazing show!

This year, Karl Lagarfeld chooses to make us travel in an after war building atmosphere looking to the future of the skyscrapers in the back… all of this in Le Grand Palais on the Champs Elysées in Paris.

Great music, great people (Rihanna was there!) and of course beautiful creations in grey tones.

An industrial atmosphere where the destroyed and dusty things meets with chic and glamorous pieces of arts from Karl Lagerfeld.

That is a success again for Chanel Haute Couture.

I recommend you to watch the full show and enjoy!
If you also want to enjoy more of the new collection, go threw this link 😉



The Ladurée Macaroons, a passion!

Who never heard about Ladurée and those famous macaroons?
Today, this pastry house founded in 1862 by Louis Ernest Ladurée is known worldwide and tourists of all around the world comes to the Champs Elysées or the Rue Royale shops in Paris.


To introduce what Ladurée Macaroons represents, you can watch the Ladurée Dream movie which is magic and represent the luxury of having Ladurée macaroons on your table…

Ladurée is a dream that you eat and feel at the same time, an explosion of savors in your mouth. I invite you to try once or more…

Not only the Macaroons which is the most important part of Ladurée products, the Pastries are also excellent. From the Ispahan to the Paris-Brest, all tastes could find their happiness in a luxurious atmosphere.

images laduree

If you also prefer to live like in a Ladurée dream, you can have a look to different luxury products like candles, bath salts, fragrances, and books that can be perfect gift for distinguish persons.

Go to a Ladurée boutique and take part to the French luxury way of life like!

Ladurée is not only present in our mind, we also find Laudrée pastries and macaroons in some movies and event like the fashion week events, many parties and the american movie “Marie Antoinette“.


Enjoy the delicious, luxurious Ladurée way of life, a pleasure for your eyes and your mouth as well as your nose ! 😉



Bull & Stein, a Fruity luxury!

Bull & Stein, a Fruity luxury!

Bull & Stein is a small company which product amazing pieces of art. You can find few fruits like cherries, lemons, pears and apples, all mades in ceramics. The number one product is the apple, those pieces can be in … Continue reading

The Peninsula Shanghai

The Peninsula Shanghai

Symbol of Luxury in Asia and in America, The Peninsula Hotel Shanghai is one of the most beautiful hotel in the city. Ideally situated in the one of the most famous city in China, The Peninsula Shanghai represent the classic … Continue reading



© D Pet Hotels Hollywood – http://dpethotels.com/ The concept is just amazing, if you go in vacations in luxury hotels, your dog stay at home alone… with D Pet Hotels, it is over! Your dog can have is own room … Continue reading



Not only a fragrance, Dior Homme is a masculine and sophisticated fragrance that everybody will recognize. Luxury, sexy and french way of life required to wear the fragrance. Dior, ultimate brand of luxury in France, no woman could forget you … Continue reading

De Grisogono, Exclusive watches

De Grisogono, a jewels and watches brand from Geneva, Switzerland.
This amazing brand create exclusives luxury products for women and men who loves perfection.
Diamonds, gold, extraordinary mechanism, you can choose the one you love and go to a party, this is the perfect accessory to go on the red carpet or in exclusives parties.

Go on the website to have a look, enjoy a world of beauty and perfection:

If you like to find those watches, you can find it in Paris, Roma, Porto Cervo, London, New-York, Las Vegas, Moscow, Abu Dhabi, Tokyo, Kuwait city and Saint Barth.

Enjoy your new exclusive dream. 😉

Luxury Concierge, Service of excellence

Luxury Concierge, Service of excellence

Your Luxury concierge is somebody who take care of you, command your food, organize your home to make it always clean. Your Luxury concierge will plan your trip to Monaco, Paris, New York, or other destinations all around the world, … Continue reading