Bull & Stein, a Fruity luxury!

Bull & Stein, a Fruity luxury!

Bull & Stein is a small company which product amazing pieces of art. You can find few fruits like cherries, lemons, pears and apples, all mades in ceramics.

The number one product is the apple, those pieces can be in every colors and complain to many places.
Ceramic fruits procures intense sensations of relaxation and freshness.

Bull & Stein 2

Those products are designed by Lisa Pappon, a german designer.

Two major collections from Bull & Stein:
-Ceramics, few pieces of fruit all in ceramics made by hand in many colors.
-Transparence, the new collection of fruity art is made of blown glass which look like crystal.

Amazing pieces which make you think about the beauty of our environment.

Bull & Stein 3

Enjoy the pleasure that come with possessing one at home, looking at it near the swimming pool, in the garden or just on the table. Those pure and natural elements brings you freshness and relaxation in you home or garden.


Experience more about Bull & Stein on:


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